Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day! in Turkey!

the beautiful turkeyday table- 2007
frying the turk- notice the jewish mans got kugel? apron...-2007

A rushed, rough list: Thankful for: tea, medicinal herbs, whisky, fresh fruit, baby animals, birth, smiling strangers, warm blankets, sleep, wildflowers, wine, Asheville, mountains, seasons, thunderstorms, campfires, stars, fireflys, love, my senses, kisses, family, hip-hop, soul, chickpeas, kale, beets, public transport, sunrises, and sets, pretzels, musicmusicmusic, hope, friends for life, or just moments, books, ancient knowledge, seekers, bedtime, history, jellyfish, composting, farmers, pain, natural wonders, ecstasy, magic eye posters, anything 80s, anything 90s, great films, popcorn, raki, thread, cute clothes, taylor hanson, cincinnati, awkward moments, my little turkish sisters, differences, massages, subtleties, the sea, grass, activists. you. 

(changing tones... to a rant formed on the tram today...)
What is this America? Origins aside, as Americans today we must own the scars formed through the blood, abuse, and fear of the persecuted and enslaved. Time to own the horror this nation was built upon.  Lets quote Wu-Tang now, "Shame on a nigga, who tried to run game on a nigga." We are only fighting ourselves. And what for? Shame to all the Americans who build walls within our country (lets not get started on outside of it...) But BRAVO to the sharp minds and vigorous hands America has given birth too. And to those whose hearts have sense enough to hope. We deserve better than what we have built. So thank you to Obama, his supporters, and to those who invest in the idea of America one day providing just one breath of fresh air to a world thats gasps for clean air are getting desperate. and more desperate.... 

Happy Thanksgiving folks. and God Bless America.  Maybe one couldn't tell from the above statement. But I do totally love America. I am actually just coming to terms with it. I even kinda wish I was there now. Mostly so I could have gone to the Pike last night. got drunk. hugged, high-fived, laughed, reminisced, listened, taken part in several awkward hellos, connected, felt disconnected, yet wonderful with all the graduates of WHS. possibly my favorite night of the year. i am a total sucker for reunions. 
2007.BlairMezibov. first bf. from the ripe age of 14. 
2007. LindseyLew and the pitcher we got Senior Leal to drink out of... 
Turkey day 2007 with best brother in the world, Julian.
Turkey day now. right now. Saying "hi" and "bye" to you. About to press "publish", put on a skirt and sweater. Grab Suha and drag him to an "American Style" Thanksgiving dinner at a cute cute restaurant with other expats who are without their fam on the start of this years holiday season....  
*lets let peace prevail*


Thomas M. Smith said...

Molly dear,

Your posts are the best - wonderful in every sense. And the pictures of you and family are beyond interesting. Keep posting please.

Tom (and Isabel)

LeglEaglNY said...

Your dad just alerted me to this. What a joy to read. Molly, you are a wonder. I hope the New Year brings you peace and joy.

Uncle [:)] Ron

Hannah said...

hi i am hannah and i am going to be an au pair in turkey and i was wondering if you had any advice or if i could pic your brian a little bit.... its hard to find information about how it really is!! umm my e-mail is i would love to hear from you

Nancy said...

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